Pet Friendly Lodging in North Carolina

We know how much you love your dog, who is always there for you. When it comes time for a vacation, you want to take your dog with you. Walks through the woods somehow just aren’t as fun if your pooch isn’t sniffing every inch of trail and excitedly trotting alongside you. Time around the campfire just isn’t as relaxing if poochie isn’t stretched out by your feet, exhausted from the day’s activities. The bottom line is that your dog is part of your family, and it is only right that he be allowed to stay with you during your vacation.

Our western North Carolina pet friendly cabins and lodge sit on five acres by the Blue Ridge Parkway. The cabins accommodate various numbers of people, but there is always room for your pet. You will enjoy exploring miles of trails during the day, and breathing in the clean, peaceful mountain air during the evenings. If your dog enjoys water, the New River is nearby and a great place to escape from summer heat.

Pack your bags and load up your pooch and come out this dog friendly NC lodging. You will all be so happy you did.

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