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Thanksgiving in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Friday, October 30th, 2009

A small kitchen means a smaller, less stressful meal, and more time for family fun

A small kitchen means a smaller, less stressful meal, and more time for family fun

Why crowd everyone into your home over Thanksgiving? Bring the whole clan to our pet-friendly Glendale Springs lodging, and spread your kin out in different cabins. Barbecue your turkey for a change this year. Cabin kitchens don’t have ovens but are otherwise well set-up; why not justĀ  have fun being creative with your meal this year? Gather together when you want, for a pre-meal hike or a post meal stroll. Take the stress off hosting, and host jointly, at our Blue Ridge Parkway cabins.

History Nestled in Blue Ridge Mountains

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

The greater area around the Blue Ridge Parkway is rich in history. Our Blue Ridge Parkway lodging in Glendale Springs makes a good base for exploring the region. It is easy to hop in the car or on your motorcycle and head out for the day, open to whatever adventure may befall you. It is also a relief to pull in each evening to a comfortable, roomy cabin that is all yours, surrounded by acres of beautiful forest. How nice to feel that you are in your home away from home, where you can call your dog to your side, stretch out and relax. Or head out to a fire pit, where you can gaze into the flames or count stars overhead.

A fun day trip from our pet-friendly cabins in North Carolina is found in Newton, about an hour and a half to the south. The Harper House will astound you. The North Carolina Department of Archives and History maintains that the Harper House has “the finest Queen Anne interior styling in the entire state.” This is quite a compliment, but it is not unwarranted. Hundreds of details, from door latches to decorative wood banisters, make the interior a wonder to behold. Anyone interested in architecture and craftsmanship should make the effort to visit the Harper House in Newton.

On your way back to your NC pet-friendly cabins, be sure to visit the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge, outside Claremont. It is one of two original covered bridges still standing in North Carolina, and was designated a National Civil Engineering Landmark in 2001. It is lovely to behold.

High Country Roundup

Friday, October 16th, 2009

One of the best aspects of our Glendale Springs Cabins is the location on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Driving to and from the cabins is always a scenic event, whether we are off to an event or off to buy groceries.

The drive to Boone NC, located about 30 miles southwest of Glendale Springs on the Blue Ridge Parkway, is lovely. One good reason to drive there is the High Country Roundup that takes place most Friday and Saturday nights. Expect three hours of wildly good fun in the is family variety show: music from blues to bluegrass to gospel, dancing, and laughter are there in force. Ah yes, and barbecue. Great barbecue.

There is fun for the whole family here – there is even a separate dance floor for little ones, so they don’t get accidentally stepped on by dancing adults. Your children will remember this fun evening for the rest of their lives.

Our Blue Ridge Parkway cabins are a great spot to host events such as family reunions. Think about what fun you can have with the whole family at this High Country Roundup. Stories about grandpa’s dancing will circulate for years. Can you think of a better way to come together and celebrate each other?

Grandfather Mountain

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
Black Rock Cliffs on Grandfather Mountain

Black Rock Cliffs on Grandfather Mountain

A couple of weeks ago, the Bridge to Bridge cyclists stormed Grandfather Mountain, the apex of their century ride. If you are a cyclist and enjoy riding one hundred miles along scenic roads and up mountains, be sure to look into the 2010 Bridge to Bridge ride. In the meantime, Grandfather Mountain has much to offer locals and visitors alike. It is one of our favorite spots to send folks staying at our Blue Ridge Parkway cabins.

Grandfather Mountain is privately owned, but it is graciously shared and is open to the public. It rises nearly 6,000 feet above sea level, which is pretty darn high for these parts and makes for spectacular views. Visitors are invited (for a fee) to drive through the preserve and stop for a picnic at one of over 100 beautifully situated picnic tables. If you forget your own food, you may purchase tasty fried chicken or sandwiches from the museum restaurant.

After you have refreshed yourself, plan to tackle some of more than twelve miles of trails throughout the preserve; they provide hikers with ample opportunities to spot deer, eagles, river otters, cougars and black bears in their native habitat. The trails are well-maintained, and range in difficulty to suit any level of hiker.

If you prefer to learn about nature and animals without a long walk, you are in luck. Grandfather Mountain houses an excellent nature museum, full of interesting fact about the area and the plants and animals who live here. It also includes interesting facts about theĀ  history of the region and Grandfather Mountain.

The Mile High Swinging Bridge draws many a brave soul, and indeed, it is not for the faint of heart. The name says it all, but you can only imagine the views and the sensation.

Guests of our Blue Ridge Parkway resort always enjoy a trip to Grandfather Mountain, as do we. Be sure to make time to visit it the next time you stay with us. The fall foliage at Grandfather Mountain is at its peak now through the end of October. Don’t miss it.