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History Nestled in Blue Ridge Mountains

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

The greater area around the Blue Ridge Parkway is rich in history. Our Blue Ridge Parkway lodging in Glendale Springs makes a good base for exploring the region. It is easy to hop in the car or on your motorcycle and head out for the day, open to whatever adventure may befall you. It is also a relief to pull in each evening to a comfortable, roomy cabin that is all yours, surrounded by acres of beautiful forest. How nice to feel that you are in your home away from home, where you can call your dog to your side, stretch out and relax. Or head out to a fire pit, where you can gaze into the flames or count stars overhead.

A fun day trip from our pet-friendly cabins in North Carolina is found in Newton, about an hour and a half to the south. The Harper House will astound you. The North Carolina Department of Archives and History maintains that the Harper House has “the finest Queen Anne interior styling in the entire state.” This is quite a compliment, but it is not unwarranted. Hundreds of details, from door latches to decorative wood banisters, make the interior a wonder to behold. Anyone interested in architecture and craftsmanship should make the effort to visit the Harper House in Newton.

On your way back to your NC pet-friendly cabins, be sure to visit the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge, outside Claremont. It is one of two original covered bridges still standing in North Carolina, and was designated a National Civil Engineering Landmark in 2001. It is lovely to behold.

Stone Mountain

Monday, September 14th, 2009
Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain

Picture an enormous slab of granite rising 600 feet above ground. It is awe-inspiring. With the Blue Ridge Parkway to the north and the Thurmond Chatham Game Lands to the west, Stone Mountain State Park is also a peaceful place to spend a day or two enjoying some of the best outdoor recreation in North Carolina, such as hiking, fishing or climbing. Best of all, it is an easy drive from our pet friendly lodging in Glendale Springs, NC.

If you are a rock climber, you simply must visit Stone Mountain. It is said to have some of the best rock climbing in the state of North Carolina. Those of you who prefer to walk to the peak will not be disappointed, as there are over 16 miles of hiking trails. Best of all, dogs are allowed in the state park, so you can enjoy a hike with your best friend. After a long day on the trails, return to our NC Pet Friendly cabins and relax around a camp fire while gazing up at the stars.

Stone Mountain State Park also comprises over 20 miles of river that is perfect for fly fishing. Need it be said that the trout here are amazing? Bring your catch back to your Blue Ridge Parkway lodging and cook it over the fire. There is not much in life more satisfying than catching that, especially when you have someone special to share it with.

North Carolina Family Vacations

Monday, July 6th, 2009
Gather the family around the campfire

Gather the family around the campfire

My best memories from childhood include vacations with my extended family, getting to know cousins while gathered around the campfire. Summertime means some of the best opportunities for family vacations are upon us, and we think there is no better place to travel than to our NC kid friendly cabins, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Bring children, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents to our family cabins – they house up to eight people comfortably. Coordinate with extended family and book several cabins at the same time; you’ll be able to spread out over our five acres, romp through the woods and play games on the fields. While you are at it, bring the family dogs too, since we are NC pet friendly lodging.

The atmosphere at our Blue Ridge Family Cabins is friendly and welcoming. During the day, it is easy to split up and pursue individual interests: from golfing to fishing to exploring some of the most beautiful land in the southeastern United States. Back at the lodge, kids make friends easily with other children, and casual groups form around campfires to share stories and s’mores. We look forward to meeting your family at our Blue Ridge Parkway lodging.

The Mountains to Sea Trail

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

We live in North Carolina because we think it is a beautiful place. We operate a lodge here because we understand that people like to visit this state. The Mountains to Sea Trail invites folks to get to know mile after mile of North Carolina. 1,000 miles of North Carolina to be precise, from Climgman’s Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains to Jockey’s Ridge on the Outer Banks. We are thrilled that this trail passes right by the driveway of our Blue Ridge Parkway lodging, and we hope that visitors will walk at least part of it.

More than 500 miles of the footpath are completed, connected by back roads and bike routes. The plan is to one day finish the path so that it will be possible to walk on trails all the way across the state, from theĀ  mountains to the sea. At the western edge of the trail sits Clingman’s Dome with an elevation of over 6600 feet, while in the east, the highest sand dune in Jockey’s Ridge State Park is less 140 feet high.

This trail gives the hardy folk who walk it a real taste of North Carolina, since it passes through three national parks, many national forests, two National Wildlife refuges and two wilderness areas. There are rivers to wade and bridges to cross. Furthermore, it passes through many towns and cities, giving travelers a sense of the variety of culture that exists in North Carolina.

Many people walk the trail in stages, while an adventurous few attempt it all at one go. We hope you’ll stay at our North Carolina pet friendly lodging and walk our stretch of the Mountains to Sea Trail with your dog. We think you’ll be happy you did.